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Simonis Cloth. Since 1680 – The Truest Playing Cloth

The Cloth of Champions®

You will find Simonis cloth on quality tables all over the world. Sold in over 50 countries, Simonis cloth is truly the universal choice for cue sports. Having earned its reputation with professional players and amateurs alike, Simonis remains the choice for more tournaments worldwide than any other cloth. Simonis is truly The Cloth of Champions® and you can use its functional superiority to enhance your enjoyment of the game because it allows you to play your best.

Mark Simonis

A Modern Company Built on Over Three Centuries of Experience

Simonis has always been and remains the innovator of the billiard industry, and they have always been the standard to which all other cloths try to compare. Manufacturing superior quality cloths since 1680, and with more industry firsts than virtually all other billiard cloth manufacturers combined, you can rest assured that Simonis will remain at the forefront of billiard cloth manufacturing and technology and will continue to provide the truest playing cloth.

Simonis Makes Its Own Cloth – In Its Own Mill

Still under the direction of the Simonis family (currently managed by Marc Simonis), Simonis craftsmen in Verviers, Belgium have spent generations raising the weaving of premium quality worsted wool cloth to an art form, ultimately developing superior table coverings that have defined the needs of carom, pool, and snooker. To this day, the distinctive quality of Simonis cloth has never been duplicated.

The Ultimate in Specialization

Simonis is the oldest company in the billiard industry and the only textile mill in the world dedicated solely to the production of cloth for pool, carom, and snooker. Simonis' specialization enables us to maintain the precision and consistency that have become the reference standards for the industry.

Simonis Continues to Define the Standards for the Industry

Providing a flawless, defect-free playing surface is why Simonis Cloth has been on tournament tables all around the world for generations and why it is the perfect choice for commercial rooms and home tables alike.

"Simonis is not a common felt, it is carefully and precisely woven fabric, specifically designed to enhance your game by allowing the ball to roll straight and true while maintaining consistent speed and spin."

There is a Reason All Other Cloths Compare Themselves to Simonis

Simonis cloth has been around since the beginnings of the game. We take care to maintain the very best characteristics that have evolved over the centuries, and these characteristics are what define Simonis cloth. In a world where most companies are trying to cut corners and produce "adequate" products, Simonis goes the extra distance to produce truly exceptional cloth. The care that goes into the manufacturing of Simonis cloth produces accuracy and consistency that make Simonis cloth the reference standard for pool and billiards worldwide.

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