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Aramith: When Quality is a Tradition...

aramith production line
aramith ball tolerance

Because the ball material is crucial for its quality and performance, Saluc uses only phenolic resin produced in its own plant. As such, it has full control over each of the basic material specifications that determine the playing characteristics. The 13-step production process lasts 23 days and includes casting and curing processes combined with unique grinding and state-of-the-art polishing technology.

Throughout the production process, computerized technology continuously interfaces with and assists our craftsmanship to guarantee tight diameter tolerance and sphericity throughout each Aramith ball set. Computerization of color formulations and number engraving guarantees precisely crafted billiard balls. Therefore, every replacement ball will match up perfectly with any set!

Regardless of the many automated and statistical quality controls used to guarantee tight specifications, each ball is still checked manually before leaving the factory to provide the worldwide distribution network with reliable output. Quality also means respect for our environment. Saluc maintains a full water treatment facility that incorporates environment-friendly processes with sophisticated recycling technology.

American Poolplayers Association

The American Poolplayers Association (APA), the world's largest pool league, has appointed Aramith as the exclusive official ball for all its tournaments.