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The Green Book of Pool, Caroms & Snooker Tables

The Green Book of Pool, Caroms and Snooker Tables
$35.00 each

A Complete Maintenance Manual

Overall Benefits

  • Do everything yourself
  • Never pay a billiard table mechanic again! Save over $200 when you recover
  • How to inspect and test your equipment
  • Know the condition of your equipment before you do anything! Just do what needs to be done.
  • How to pack, crate, and transport your slate and table components
  • When you should and should not do it yourself
  • How to disassemble and reassemble your equipment
  • How to handle safely without damage
  • The book is 8 1/2 x 11", spiral bound
  • The book opens flat. Professional graphics ensure your success
  • Room size and lighting requirements
  • Ensure your room is large enough and the table is adequately lit
  • Resource and supplier locator
  • Buy from prescreened trusted suppliers at the best prices
  • Extended customer support is available
  • Modestly priced for those who may want a lifeline

Procedures Included

  • Rail and table bed recovering simplified
  • 30 illustrations showing every cut, fold, tuck, stretch, and staple location
  • Professional diamond or round rail sight installation
  • Install new or replace old or missing rail sights
  • Our 3-Stage leveling procedure demystifies and reveals all
  • Although easy to do, it is hard to figure out
  • Replacing cushions, rubbers, and pocket facings
  • The key is surface preparation and cushion nose height
  • Slate seaming and slate repair
  • Protect your equipment's most precious asset
  • Pocket replacement
  • How to prepare rails, and when to re-drill and shim
  • New slate liner fabrication and replacement
  • Know when you need to replace your slate liner and tricks for extending the life
  • Sub rail repair versus replacement
  • When you can avoid replacement via repair and tricks for extending the life
  • Playfield alignment simplified
  • How to set your playfield to exact BCA equipment standards and specifications
  • Care of your equipment
  • You will never blame your equipment again
  • Buying a new or used table
  • How to negotiate the best price and what to look for while saving at least $500