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Klematch (Kleber) #37 Rubber Carom Cushion - Set of 3

$495.00 each

Professional Klematch #37 Rubber Carom Cushion, formerly known as Kleber #37. This is a high quality professional carom cushion, profile #37.

Utilizing more than forty years of manufacturing knowledge and experience from ANVIS Industries (formerly KLEBER), each profile is made from the very best high-quality rubber compounds specifically chosen for precision and durability.

Made out of the best rubber components available.

Extremely long lasting and does not lose its original spring/bounce for a very long time.

Used in most professional carom tables.

3 pieces per set, 114" each in length.

There are different profiles of cushion available for pool table rails. If you are not sure what type to order, please call to discuss and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails. The PLAY QUALITY is based on a combination of proper cushion and cushion height.

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