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Brunswick SuperSpeed® (K-55 profile) - Set of 6

Brunswick SuperSpeed® K-55 Rail Cushion
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Brunswick SuperSpeed® K-55 Rail CushionBrunswick SuperSpeed (K-55 profile) – High performance billiard rail cushionsbrunswick-superspeed-k55-measurements
$235.00 each

High-performance billiard rail cushions

SuperSpeed cushion rubber is patented and is produced exclusively for Brunswick. It has a larger profile than the rubber used by other companies.

SuperSpeed cushion rubber incorporates a thin layer of cotton canvas vulcanized into the top and back surfaces of the cushion. This feature results in controlled ball penetration and greater accuracy in rebounding.

Because of this, SuperSpeed is 40% more consistent than a leading competitors’ rubber. It also has a canvas cloth on the back surface to assure good adhesion to the wood rail.

47” set of six.

Note: If your Brunswick table has either the older (smaller) K55 cushions or the newer K55 cushions, in virtually ALL cases, you do not need to do sub-rail modifications. There is a lot of incorrect information regarding this on forums, blogs, etc. The truth is the older K55 (smaller) and newer K55 profile cushions have the same nose height when installed. The only difference is your playfield size would be decreased by 1/4" by switching from the older (smaller) K55 to the new current version.

There are different cushion profiles available for pool table rails. If you are unsure what type to order, please call to discuss, and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails. The PLAY QUALITY is based on a combination of proper cushion and cushion height.